Buhari Condemns Killing Of Many Villagers By ‘Mass Murderers’ In Sokoto



President Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday “firmly” censured ongoing assaults by dairy cattle bandits on three towns in Sokoto that authorities said killed handfuls.

He offered sympathies to the survivors and pledged a firm reaction to “these severe and callous adversaries of humankind”.

“These successive and enormous scale killings of poor locals by packs of mass killers must be met with the fiercest power the legislature can activate,” presidential colleague Garba Shehu cited Buhari as saying.

On Wednesday, outfitted men on cruisers assaulted three towns in the area of Goronyo in the Nigerian territory of Sokoto, region boss Zakari Chinaka told newsmen.

“The outlaws opened flame on the towns and set shops and grain stores on fire. They removed all the cows in the towns,” he said.

“They worked for two hours unchallenged (by any security powers) in view of the trouble of the landscape which makes it difficult to get to,” said the boss.

Alu Ibrahim, an occupant of the town of Kamitau, where 23 individuals kicked the bucket, said residents had sought after the highwaymen in an offer to recoup their stolen dairy cattle — key to survival in poor people, remote area.

“The outlaws turned their weapons on them and executed many. This was the explanation behind the high loss of life from Kamitau,” said Ibrahim.

Groups of hoodlums of steers rustlers have progressively focused on provincial networks in Sokoto state.

A month ago, bike riding outlaws killed 43 individuals in two days of assaults on five towns in Rabah and Isa regions, agreeing police and local people.

Provincial people group in the north of Nigeria have for a considerable length of time been threatened by packs who attack towns, taking cows, grabbing for payment and consuming homes in the wake of plundering nourishment supplies.

Residents have waged war to safeguard themselves, yet these vigilantes are currently blamed for extra-legal killings of suspected criminals.

The marauder packs are one of a string of security difficulties confronting Nigeria, including assaults from an Islamic State-upheld Boko Haram group and reestablished conflicts between animals herders and ranchers.

This has left the military overstretched and Buhari condemned for neglecting to ensure lives and property, in spite of guarantees to help security.


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