Hilarious! Nigerian Masquerade Ride Motorcycle

Hilarious! Nigerian Masquerade Ride Motorcycle

The fear of the sacred is in the mind of all Nigerians of African roots because the culture is still very much alive in this part of the world.

Masquerades are not just for the entertainment of tourists attraction, they represent the conduct of very sacred ceremonies that have to do with a deity, a god.

That is why when phot of two masquerades emerge in which they were riding a motorcycle, many people took interest in why the gods are riding a motorcycle.

Besides, they also gave their opinions and views on what could have made the two masquerades to be riding a motorcycle.

For some people, they were only tired and were returning from a ceremony to undress and return to their normal lives. Those who hold this view were criticized because masquerades wear a sacred vestment which cannot be stored at home but in special community shrines.

Those whose view got some approval were the category of people that argued that the masquerades were not going or returning from a ritual or ceremony but where going to attend a normal social function.

Masquerades in today’s society now entertain politicians and perform to large audiences for pay, a practice which many now described as inimical to cultural progress as it sends the wrong signal to the public on the sacred nature of masquerades.

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