DSS Finally Speaks – Why We Quickly Rearrested Sowore

DSS Finally Speaks – Why We Quickly Rearrested Sowore

The Department of State Security (DSS) has explained why its operative s quickly whisked the convener of the RevolutionNow protests Omoyele Sowore.

They noted that Sowore disobeyed the orders and conditions of his bail by speaking to newsmen that they wanted to assassinate him during the incident that took place in the premises of the court on Thursday.

The DSS came under heavy pressure from the public and key national bodies for trying to arrest Sowore right in the premises of the court.

Sowore had spent over 100 days in the DSS custody until his release was ordered by the judge within 24 hours.

The order was complied with by the DSS before he was picked again and kept in the custody of the DSS.

It is expected that he will be charged to court again but there are fears that he may remain in the DSS custody for a long time.

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