(Museveni) Ugandan President – Obesity is a Sign of Corruption

(Museveni) Ugandan President – Obesity is a Sign of Corruption

The president of Uganda also joined other African nations to describe corruption as the cankerworm destroying development in the African continent.

In Nigeria, the fight against corruption and financial crimes have been plagued with accusations and counter-accusations of ethnic and religious sentiments.

The arrest and prosecution of many top politicians who were alleged to have looted public funds were widely described by members of the opposition as a political witchhunt.

This raises the big question of how best can corrupt public officials be identified objectively without raising any ethnic or political sentiment.

President Yoweri Museveni as an answer to that, claims that any African man that is obessed must be a corrupt public official that should be prosecuted.

His views about identifying corrupt public officials drew wide reactions and criticisms as most people disagree with him on his claim that all obessed men are corrupt.

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