John Dumelo Cries Out – My Wife Threatened To Marry Second Husband

John Dumelo Cries Out – My Wife Threatened To Marry Second Husband

A popular Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has expressed shock overreactions to a post that he made on social media including that of his wife Gift Dumelo who commented, asking him to come home and meet her second husband.

In a Joy FM radio program, Actor John Dumelo who is aspiring to become the President of Ghana stated that he made a post asking that Ghana repeal laws banning polygamy and polyandry.

Surprisingly, the post immediately became viral and drew so much attention that he had to take it down especially because his wife also commented.

Also, the actor said that she dealt with him even though she was informed before the post was made. Although he did not say what happened when he got home he noted that he made the post only to get the public opinion on the issue.

There is currently a debate going on in Ghana as more celebrities and notable persons keep calling for the repealing of the law against polygamy and polyandry which they say is not socially beneficial because many men and women who have the means are not allowed to have more than one wife.

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