Dayo Amusa – I Have Not Made Money from Nollywood

Dayo Amusa – I Have Not Made Money from Nollywood

Veteran Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa has cleared the air on what most people think about the Nigerian movie industry.

She told the Sun newspaper that she did not make her money from Nollywood. The actress and filmmaker said that she is into other businesses through which she generates money apart from Nollywood.

For many years Nigerians saw the Nollywood industry as very profitable because of the enthusiasm with which actors and actresses take up careers in acting.

They have also seen many wealthy celebrities emerge from Nollywood. But Amusa explains that there are many challenges in the industry which has left only passionate people in the business of film making.

Those who are not passionate about and are involved in the craze for wealth cannot succeed in Nollywood according to Amusa.

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