How Do These Naija Celebrity Names Sound to You

How Do These Naija Celebrity Names Sound to You

Choosing names for their kids is an arduous task for many Nigerian celebrities for many reasons. Celebrities in Nigeria have a large following among the youths who pattern their lives after them.

Their fashion styles, relationships and social views are all mirrors through which many celebrities view their selves and measure their successes in life.

That is why they choose unique celebrity names for their children so that others can copy it or at least cherish it. But some of these names sound very creepy because they are not common Nigerian names.

One such celebrity is Ruth Kadiri who named her daughter “Reigns”. The name is not common among Nigerians but is quite popular in the mouth of her fans.

Davido is another celebrity whose daughter has a unique name. It is also not popular among Nigerian names and is yet to be accustomed to by the media. She was called “Aurora”.


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