A Photo From a Beauty Pageant Could Be The Picture of the Year

A Photo From a Beauty Pageant Could Be The Picture of the Year

The Miss Universe beauty pageant is one event that caught the attention of many Nigerians just like the world heavy weight boxing championship fight in which Nigeria’s Anthony Joshua won.

In a similar vein, Nigeria contestant made it to the final of the Miss Universe 2019 and as usual, many Nigerians express the hope that Africa will once more celebrate another major victory.

Also, on the global scene, there is a surge in cases of racism and abuse of Africans in Europe and America. This has made many blacks and Africans to rise up to the challenge of promoting their uniqueness.

Nigeria’s flag was expected to be flown at an all-time high if her contestant emerged as the Miss Universe 2019.

Although that did not happen, images from the beauty pageant have continued to trend online as people admire the beauty and mission of the Miss Universe contest.

The photo above best captures it as all the finalists posed for a photo-shoot in the loveliest manner.

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