“Brown Sugar for Merry Men” Fans React To Ini Edo’s Photo

“Brown Sugar for Merry Men” Fans React To Ini Edo’s Photo

For some time now, the Nollywood celebrity Ini Edo has not drawn media attention. But after sharing a new photo on her Instagram wall, the story has changed.

In the photo which is trending on her Instagram wall, she added the tag “brown sugar for merry men” and that was the part that drew much attention because the actress was celebrating her brown skin.

Ini Edo has always seen herself as beautiful even though she is not a light-skinned actress long before the Kadarshian product stormed the market.

For a long time, most people in the Nollywood industry have come to see the light skin as a symbol of beauty.  That was why skin bleaching became a prominent aspect of many young girls in Nigeria.

Fast-forward to 2019, the launch of the Kadarshian beauty products made many ladies cherish their brown skin like Ini Edo who has always been known for her beauty.

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