How Mere Rumor Killed Two Persons in Ondo State

How Mere Rumor Killed Two Persons in Ondo State

A community in Ondo state was thrown into confusion after rumors broke about a missing child’s body found buried under a church altar. Angry mobs quickly stormed the church premises.

Some weeks ago, a boy of 6 years was reported missing in the premises of the church where he went with his parents for prayers.

It was alleged that the boy was used for rituals and since then all has not been well with the pastor of the church.

The police have arrested 10 people in connection with the killings in which one policeman was killed. The police consider the claims about the boy’s corpse being exhumed from the alter as a mere rumor.

Residents and mobs had trooped to the church premises after rumors began making the rounds that the boy’s corpse has been exhumed from the church alter.

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