2023 – Northern Political Calculations Exposed

2023 – Northern Political Calculations Exposed

Nigerians React as Northern Mathematics Trends on Social Media

The argument about where the pendulum of power will swing in 2023 is in the air and Nigerians have been observing the political trend with keen interest. The mater has been complicated with the trending Northern mathematics in Nigeria

One staunch APC supporter and professor Andrew Effemini shared the trending Northern mathematics on his social media account. In the trending maths it was said that since the South had enjoyed power for 15 years, the north has 10 more years to remain in power.

The tenures of Goodluck Jonathan and resident Olusegun Obasanjo made up the first 15 while President hari’4 years and Yaradauas 1 year make up only 5 years for the north according to the rending maths.

Northerners in Nigeria have been advocating that another northerner replaces Buhari after his second term in office.

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