Solidstar escapes death after drug overdose

Solidstar escapes death after drug overdose

Solidstar narrowly escapes death after he overdosed on hard drugs.

Solidstar is presently thanking his lucky stars after narrowly escaping death over drug overdose.

The music star took to his Instagram page on Tuesday, December 24, 2019, where he shared a post about how he narrowly escaped death after an overdose of drugs.

“There is a thin line between life and death. The incident that happened a few days ago showed how fragile I am by the overdose use of drugs that led to me bleeding in am attempt of a couple thought process. Sincere apologies to whomever i might have hurt ‘but hey love is the sweetest and slowest form of suicide,” he wrote.

Solidstar later went on to write about how drugs are cool except when they start wrecking your skin.


Drugs are kind of cool I mean, they are cool before they wreck your skin, your life, and your family. That’s when they get uncool. It’s actually a very narrow window of cool,” he wrote.

Apparently, Solidstar has recovered or recovering from the sad event and we hope he gets back to his feet and make that good music he known for.

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