Did Juliet Ibrahim Give the Creepiest Advise for 2019?

Did Juliet Ibrahim Give the Creepiest Advise for 2019?

Did actress Juliet Ibrahim just give the creepiest advise for 2019? Celebrity actress Juliet Ibrahim has been in the news for giving ladies one of the creepiest advises as the year 2019 winds down.

The Ghanaian actress who had a challenging marriage that ended up in a divorce seemed to be speaking from experience.

After her marriage to Iceberg Slim a Ghanaian celebrity crashed, she began a new relationship with a Nigerian man and even relocated to Nigeria.

But her recent advice to ladies shows that all may not be well with the actress who is now a single mother.

She advised ladies that when falling in love they should first give men a photocopy of their hearts so that they would not be heartbroken if it turns out wrong.

The beautiful actress seems to be unlucky in finding a man that will love and cherish her as she deserves Many people consider her advise as one of the creepiest for ladies in 2019.

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