Nigerians React to New Wife Gist of Gen. Babangida

Nigerians React to  New Wife Gist of Gen. Babangida

Emerging reports from Nigeria’s former military president Ibrahim Babangida has voided earlier death rumors that plagued the retired general in 2019.

Babangida is reported to be searching for a new wife and that seems to be a piece of big news for people who felt that the old general was not fit and healthy.

Babangida reportedly said that he wants to marry a lady that is not young but can fit into the shoes of his late wife Maryam Babangida who died about 10 years ago.

Since the news broke out although not yet confirmed by the retired general’s media aides, Nigerians have been reacting to it. Many people think that his search for a new wife at his age is a testimony to his good health.

They also believe that the general’s political relevance in Nigeria in addition to his desire to get married again will dispel the frequent death rumors that trailed him in 2019.

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