Mercy Johnson Plays Princess Inikpi in Her Own Movie

Mercy Johnson Plays Princess Inikpi in Her Own Movie

For many people who have seen the movie titled “The Legend of Iikpi” directed by Mercy Johnson, the actress played the role so perfectly that one could mistake her for the actual heroine.

The actress looked great in the traditional gala outfit which was made to depict the person of princess Inikpi. Although her motive for directing the movie is not very clear, the actress took the project as a very important task.

A photo showing Mercy Johnson in the outfit that she wore in the Legend of Inikpi movie has gone viral online and many fans have been reacting to it. She wore the Igala female costume which was tied around her chest and her waist.

After releasing the movie to the public, it was aired in cinemas across the country. What many people admire about her is the charisma and charm with which she plays her role.

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