Human Wake up!! (Volume 1)

Human Wake up!! (Volume 1)

I speak to the civilized, men that have acquired the knowledge of science, professors, men with understanding! how blind are we?

That in the blanket of civilization, industrialization, urbanization, and modernization: where man’s gifts the art, the science. Has grown beyond bounds in bringing him even to the estate of a ‘god’ but he still stands feet away of what’s true!

Man advances, He excels so much that all seems possible and understood, but who to call upon after mortal life! What nobility and destiny does the dead seek

 The puzzles of man’s mind bewilder nature’s very self! His intellectual prowess goes to a great deal of sorting, orderliness and neatness. But we could say, what much can a mortal do than hope and trust! And to forget his life is as that of the grass. To labor to eat another day that may not come! But man is counted as a chicken to education. A lamb to the great hall of Understanding.

But the capability of Man should not be restricted or limited because heaven is at his reach. And his hope for eternal live can be achieved. What more can we say that man focus on what is for the temporary, but what great expectation is before us if one is to go beyond the brass walls of mortality and venture into new introspects, the new air of revolution, the consideration of the sciences of the dead. Isn’t it a pondering thought where we will at last end?

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