God And Science

God And Science

Above immortality flimsy, entire gigantic throng of piranhas

Out of the inferno of my bewilderment rose a terrifying inspiration

What exceeds existence and what can overcome the ever-fathoming love of evil

Listen, if darkness operates at the shoulders of technology.

Is science really evil?

When the first called omnipotent formed

Methodology and calculations governing the play

Let’s stand in the light and not in the darkness

A sure stand of what we truly believe

That we say not yes and no to a world of progressive


That we do not address the Omnipotent as an abstract God

Watering the invisibility of his majesty.

Caving his powers to an address references————

That the concrete maker of all that is, stays in a cloudy mist

Why has the creative work of his majesty been reduced to the thesis of religion

For what description are we to give him that will quantify his adorable personality

While we close our eyes to see- – – and merge our hands to pray

To the one whose fingerprint is on all ages and cranuls of space, one which is beyond time

For Even the bible confirms it

The creativity of his context

The sciences of his Glory

That his actions are under specific principle as science

In which man still hinds to discover

The complexity of our organs

Pave a reasonable fact not to waste

That a brain complex enough to create

Is not an object for display

I believe in him whose light shines brighter

than a thousand galaxy

Therefore, let the knowledge of truth remain a legacy

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